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"I  believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves and the ability to tap into their psychic abilities if they wish to do so." 

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Hello there, my name is Tina Escoto and I’m so glad you are visiting my website.


Whether you are in search of a psychic and/or mediumship reading, spiritual guidance, energy healing or a chakra tune up for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments, private mentoring, classes to learn and develop or even if you need an ordained minister for your wedding, I am here to serve you. 


It is my calling to help people understand and embrace all that they are capable of whether that is honing their psychic or mediumship abilities in order to read other people’s energy, communicate with passed on loved ones, spirit guides and angels or to learn techniques to heal their own body, mind and spirit. My unique approach is to empower each individual that I serve in healing, readings or classes with education throughout the process.

Tina's Services

From private and group Psychic Mediumship sessions to Channeled Spirit Energy and Sound Healing to Chakra Tune Ups, browse through the list of services to find one that will benefit your needs at this time. 

Classes & Events

A variety of special and ongoing events and classes are offered every month. Please visit the calendar of events to see what is coming up and to work with Tina.



Read the honest feedback and reviews from previous clients and students to see what they have to say about working with Tina.


Tony was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS in 2015.  Since 2016, he has been in in-home hospice and has progressively gotten worse. He can't speak, move his body, is in constant pain, has bed sores on his bottom/back and is now losing swallowing functions. 

My first remote healing session was on August 14, 2020.  Following the session he was in less pain and didn't require the normal dose of morphine and the family noticed that his body was relaxed and not contorted. 

Our next session was on August 15,2020 and it was an amazing session.  After the Channeled Spirit Healing, I worked with him in the Gold Christ Light.  When I was working with him, Jesus appeared and placed his hands on Tony's right shoulder and wrist and told me to tell Tony that he was not forsaken.  I didn't know Tony's beliefs but I always deliver the messages given.  The next day the bed sores that were starting on his back were completely gone.  Yes, they were healed overnight.

The next session was August 16, 2020. The day after the third healing, the changes were amazing.  His appetite increased.  On that day alone he had an egg with cheese, hash browns, a piece of pie and a protein shake for breakfast. He experienced less pain and the only way we could tell is because he required less morphine.  His bed sores on his bottom which had been open and bleeding had closed up and were healing. Now, he has no open bed sores on his body at all.  Wonderful, right???

Four days after the third healing, he started vocalizing like he wanted to talk.  His family couldn't remember the last time he had spoken.  He also started moving his right hand and was able to hold a cup which is something he hasn't been able to do for years. 

On August 26, 2020, five days days after the fourth healing, he spoke!  He said, "water!"

I'm continuing to work with Tony in hopes to help his pain and quality of life.  We never know as healers what is in store for our clients; only God knows that. If my connection with the Spirit Healers can help give Hope, Faith and Healing I will be honored to be part of that journey. 



Learn How to Read Auras & Chakras

Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 1:00pm-3:00pm

Everything Just Rocks, Tempe, AZ

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Do you see Auras? Can you feel Energy? Want to learn how? 

Learn how to recognize Auras around other people, about the Chakra System and how to work with the Chakras for health improvement.

 In this class you will learn:​

  • How to recognize auras around other people

  • The Chakra system and how to work with it for health improvements

  • How to feel energy

  • How to open and balance your chakras


$25 per person

PAY HERE in advance

See more event details here

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