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It is my calling to help people understand and embrace all that they are capable of whether that is honing their psychic or mediumship abilities in order to read other people’s energy, communicate with passed on loved ones, spirit guides and angels or to learn techniques to heal their own body, mind and spirit. My unique approach is to empower each individual that I serve in healing, readings or classes with education throughout the process. 


During a channeled spirit energy healing session, for example, education and spiritual guidance are an important component. Clients come to me with a wide variety of physical, mental and/or spiritual issues and often times what is manifesting in the physical body is linked to an emotional or mental disconnect that they are unaware of. When I sit down to do a consultation (whether it’s in-person or at a distance), it’s not just about the client laying down and being silent while healing is performed upon them. The client has a role in this, they are just as responsible in their own healing as the healer is. 

We will talk in the beginning of the session so that we are on the same page about what the client is struggling with. After the spirit healers come in and we use the Gold Christ Light I will often receive more information downloaded to me and the client and I will discuss this once the healing is complete for that session. I teach clients how to feel spirit, how to work with spirit during their healing and I send them off with a guided meditation for them to continue using on their own for continued healing. Each healing session consists of spiritual guidance such as how to take your power back, how to cut cords, ground, protect, or whatever is most appropriate for the specific client. This does not come at an extra cost because it is part of the session. Whole body, mind and spirit wellness is the ultimate goal. 


Through psychic and/or mediumship readings and private mentoring, I provide insights and guidance regarding a variety of topics including health, relationships (all types), career, finances, contact with passed on loved ones, discovery of innate psychic/mediumship gifts and guidance for personal and spiritual growth. I am a passionate teacher and offer a multitude of ongoing monthly classes as well as special events to assist those interested in expanding their own psychic/mediumship abilities and to grow in their spirituality (learning how to meditate, what is a chakra tune up, automatic writing, animal communication, beginning/intermediate/advanced mediumship, etc.). Visit my calendar to see the upcoming events, sign up for my mailing list to stay up to date and connect with me on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


My History

While growing up in rural Indiana, I experienced the ability to read and feel people, but like many who have psychic abilities, I was unaware of what this was or how to use it. In my early adult years, I tragically lost a large portion of my immediate family in a very short period of time and this really caused a shift in my perspective related to death and ultimately was a catalyst for the beginning of an epic spiritual journey with God. 


Although I had planned to pursue spiritual work after retiring from the corporate world, the universe had other plans. After 33 years in the car industry, my career abruptly came to an end and I decided it was time to pursue my calling and do what feeds my soul. At the outset I aimed to give it two years and if I did not see improvement then I would look for something else to do. However, I have seen nothing but steady growth and momentum since completely embracing this spiritual path as my personal calling and life's work. 

See a live interview with me and learn more about my journey here.


My Intention

My dedication to share these gifts from God to support others on their healing and spiritual journeys is unstoppable. It is my intention to reach as many people as I can and especially the masses, the blue collar workers, the people who could really use help, not just the elite. My satisfaction comes in the form of feedback that I receive from my clients and students, seeing my clients heal and watching my students do work and spread their light. 


My intention is to cultivate a safe community environment for transformation, growth and healing where each person's divine and honorable good is always at the forefront. 


I greatly look forward to the opportunity to work with you. 

Meet Tina

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