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Gold Christ Light Healing Meditation

Imagine having the power to call in your own personal spirit healers so you can

take control of your own healing!

This IS possible for you!

This Gold Christ Light Healing Meditation™, downloaded to me over 15 years ago, affords you the opportunity to connect with your own personalized healers, invite them in and feel them working to help you heal.

BEFORE the meditation:

1. Set an intention of what you want to heal

2. Invite in your own spirit healers

3. Settle in to meditate 

DURING the meditation, many clients report experiences such as:

  • Sensation of a heavy blanket being laid upon them

  • Feeling of being physically touched 

  • Sensing of a presence around or near them

  • Hot and cold sensations on their body


this powerful

21 minute

Healing Meditation

now for ONLY


These physical sensations are an opportunity to thank the healers for being present and ask them to please step closer to facilitate more healing.

It is recommended you use this powerful guided healing meditation DAILY.

Take control of your own healing today!

**This healing meditation audio track and its contents is for individual use only and is subject to copyright laws & regulations.  Once purchased, you may not copy, share or re-distribute this audio track or its contents without express permission from Tina Escoto, Mystic Horse Journeys, LLC.

GCL Healing Meditatin Download
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