Channeled Spirit Healing Testimonials

Debbie P. 

May 2019

I’ve had trouble with arthritis for years, but after having a trance healing session with Tina my symptoms have subsided enormously!! I feel great and I can feel spirit continuing to work on me for days afterward. Thank you, Tina, for sharing your wonderful gift!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!


October 2018

During the session, I had a feeling of shedding many layers of emotional baggage.  And at the end, I felt like I was rising from a fire.  For the first time in many years, I have clarity and focus.  My session was on 10/08. Every night since then, I feel stuck energy and pain releasing through my feet. 

D. P.


I have suffered from the debilitating effects of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) for the past 18 years. This is an auto-immune illness in which my own immune system attacks major organs in the body such as the skin, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. I initially exhibited symptoms when I was 24 years old and have dealt with countless doctors’ visits and medical expenses ever since. I have experienced crippling arthritis, as well as skin rashes and photo sensitivity, along with kidney degradation. As of June 2018, my doctor informed me that my kidneys were beginning to fail and that I would more than likely need dialysis when my kidneys stopped working.

Rita M.


Since I have seen Tina, my arthritis symptoms have improved dramatically and I am almost pain-free. And the best news is that my kidney functioning has improved from 58% to 84% over the last 4 months.

Frank Z.


Thank you so much Tina for openly sharing your gift with all of us!! My quality of life has improved so much, and I can’t say enough as to how grateful I am!!

Ofelia R.


I almost don’t know where to begin… Just walking into Tina’s healing space was absolutely dynamic and this amazing calmness flowed thru me… and then without ever having to touch me, Tina brought a healing to me that set my soul free… It’s truly not just a matter of recommending Tina which I do… But working with Tina is about knowledge to heal yourself and staying connected to that positive energy that flows within…

Tami T. 2018

As always I’m leaving today feeling like a weights been lifted.  I feel more confident in my journey/path and I know I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

Christina D.


     I was working on my mediumship with Tina Escoto after being ill for three years. I was scared and surprised that they found a brain tumor. My doctor got me into Barrows Neurological Institute and I went on my first appointment and the doctor looked at all my scans and said “This needs to be removed surgically immediately.” I was just getting ready to open a new company, with brain surgery in the midst, I decided I needed to hold off on work so basically my whole life was put on hold. 

     As we made preparations, my husband would have to take weeks off work as I would need help. Tina said, “Why don’t we just heal you.” We are so conditioned today to think that Western medicine is the only way and honestly, I myself didn’t really truly believe it could happen. But, when I went to my first healing session, there were multiple healers working on me that I could actually feel and see what they were doing with my eyes closed. 

     I had a couple more healing sessions with Tina and I was supposed to go back to Barrows in 30 days from the first appointment to schedule surgery which we were going to do sooner rather than later so that I could get to work and we could put this all behind us. 

     When I did go back to the doctor, I had a new CAT scan of my brain. He looked at it and just dismissed me and basically said, “Why are you here” and that he wanted to see me again in a year. My husband and I both looked at him and said, “Do we not need brain surgery? What is the size of the tumor?” He said that he didn’t even measure it because it’s not big enough to worry about. 

     So, needless to say, I am 100% a believer now because CAT scans don’t lie! Western medicine just cannot explain what happened. I believe anyone who is facing a risky surgery like that should seek some Channeled Spirit Trance Healing. Tina Escoto is absolutely out of this world. Thank you, Tina, for giving me my life back. 


Michelle J.


“Phenomenal Experience”

I had the fortunate opportunity to book a Chakra Tune Up session with Tina recently. It was one of the most enlightening, beautiful, healing experiences I have had in all my years of working with practitioners in this field.  Tina is highly intuitive and does a beautiful job utilizing all of her tools.  The after session discussion and notes provided are helpful tools in ensuring you stay on track with any recommended suggestions.  I love that she takes her time and thoroughly explains everything encountered.  I will definitely be incorporating her Chakra Healing Sessions into my life on a regular basis.  The Chakra Healing Session is just one of many techniques Tina offers.  I would also recommend any of the services or classes she offers.

Happy Client….

Chakra Tune Up Testimonials


Tonia S.


Tina’s mediumship class was amazing! As someone very new to mediumship class, I came away with confidence and so many tools to continue growing and practicing.  I recommend Tina’s class, it’s a safe, positive, and loving environment.

Rachel S.


Tina’s class has helped increase my mediumship and clairvoyance.  I trust more in what I see with my third eye, and I comfortable communicating with the spirit.  I highly recommend Tina’s class for anyone wishing to push their mediumship ability to the next level.

Kaitlyn R.


I absolutely recommend Tina’s 6 week course- I never imagined how much I would learn in such a short time.  There’s nothing better than being surrounded by like-minded people, in a safe environment and being heard and understood.  On top of Tina’s wonderful teaching, I learned so much from the experiences of my classmates.  You have nothing to lose by trying this amazing course- you’ll learn things you never knew .

Dana D.


Taking Tina’s course has catapulted my abilities more than even I had anticipated.  Learning in a group setting opened up new ways of connecting to spirit that I was not aware of.  I am grateful that I was introduced to Tina and able to take her mediumship course.  Life changing.

Jacob B.


All I can say is mind blown.  Entering these classes I knew I had abilities, but had little control.  As I learned the lessons, my everyday life because clearer.  I have been able to help others, as well as myself connect to spirit.  Receiving the outlines for how to proceed, but the encouragement to make it my own empowered me to grow.  If you are in any way called to develop mediumship abilities, this is an excellent way to begin.



Taking Tina’s mediumship course has been completely life changing for me.  I’ve learned how to “open up”, how to protect myself and now I have the tools to continue to grow and develop my mediumship abilities.   Thank you Tina,  doesn’t begin to describe  just how much of an incredible experience this has been for me.  I hope she has more advanced courses.  It was so worth the hour drive to come!  I am fully blessed – genuinely so.



A truly wonderful course and Tina is an exceptional teacher and guider.  Her explanations are clear and understandable, and there is a lot of actual practice, and experience.  I am fully interested to experience further studies with her and would highly recommend her  to anyone that is interested in mediumship or any of her other classes.

Vaso D.


Tina Escoto is an incredible person that you will love to meet, and be around with.  While taking her class she helped me build my confidence.  Also she taught me to trust my gut, follow my heart, and use my head, magic happens!



The healing class was so much than I could ever imagined.  Energy was shifting and releasing continuously.  My body vibrated at different times.  I feel energetic and joyful.  Everyone was open, trusting, and positive.  Such a great blessing.  You’re such a divine instrument for spirit to work through for healing.

Alex V.

August 2016

I attended Tina’s “Awakening Your Gifts Within” class.Tina provided great information about spirituality and excellent explanations when we had questions to her, make us understand the feelings that comes with our experience. Tina is an exceptional teacher.  The guests speakers that presented to our class were very informative.  I am looking forward to even more new amazing experiences.

Classes/Student Testimonials


Mediumship/Psychic Reading Testimonials

Esmerelda M.

August 2016

Tina, I can’t thank you enough. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful gift. You are amazing. Everything I needed to hear from such an unexpected spirit, but very important one to me. Even though, I don’t have many memories of her because she is my great-grandmother I was blessed to have the memories I do have.Again thank you. People need to know how amazing you are!!!God bless you!!

Tina C.

August 2016

My sister and I met Tina at a Psychic Fair recently where she told me about her class that was going to be starting. My dad had recently passed and I have been reading and questioning every aspect of the afterlife. We decided it would be interesting and started going. The class immediately drew me in. I had no idea what a “chakra” was but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t work with them now. Tina pushes us out of our comfort zone to reach for something higher within ourselves. I’ve met some great people who are searching for the same things I am and look forward to every class.

Wendy L. 

July 2016

If you would like to connect with your loved ones, I highly recommend Tina Escoto for intuitive and mediumship abilities.

Christine W.

August 2015

During my reading, Tina connected me to passed loved ones, including my son, who died as an infant. This connection deepened my spiritual beliefs and helped my grieving process, allowing me to feel the love and guidance coming from my son on the other side. Tina is truly a remarkable healing intuitive medium who can change your life with her gifts.


Mystic Horse Journey Testimonials



Tina is amazing. Her professional but fun attitude sets everyone at ease.  The horses sought out the people that most needed to release their negative energy.  For anyone thinking about attending a class I highly recommend it.  The chakra tuning fork therapy she did on everyone was truly an emotional time for all of us watching.