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Private one-on-one Mentoring

Private one-on-one mentoring sessions are personalized to each individual. Some clients are just beginning their spiritual awakening and need assistance through ascension symptoms, opening the third eye, navigating shadow work, grounding and shielding, developing a meditation practice, identifying prominent clairs and learning exercises to help grow and expand them, learning basic principles of mediumship, etc. Other clients are intermediate or advanced psychics, mediums, healers, etc. who want to learn more, expand, and have a one-on-one relationship to delve into their specific questions and need for guidance. This service is available in person or at a distance over the phone.


Each session is completely unique to the individual. We will have discussions, complete hands-on practice exercises and explore in any direction that a client needs. 


It is important that you come ready to learn with an open mind and a positive attitude.

*If you are curious about a mentorship session but are not sure if it's right for you, please give me a call so we can discuss further - (480) 220-9233

90 minutes $105


please submit payment AND send me a quick note via text or email so I have your contact information.
Once I receive confirmation of payment & communication from you, I will contact you to schedule your appointment.
If you have any questions before or after booking, please contact me:     

(480) 220-9233  I 

What Tina's students have to say about working with her...

C. Fitch

May 2021

Tina came recommended to help me work on my intuitive gifts and her classes have really propelled me forward, giving me the confidence to seek out my higher self for guidance.

Liz M.

February 2021

Tina Escoto has changed my life her healings have healed me in so many ways. Over the last year I’ve been to many classes Tina has taught as well and I’m amazed how much I’ve learned. 2020 was the best year of my life due in big part to Tina. Time with Tina is time well spent.

Lorraine T.

February 2021

I was truly impressed with Tina and her abilities! She has a long standing following and new students all the time, which is characteristic of a high quality teacher. She made me feel comfortable at all times and safe. She explained the processes thoroughly and engaged all of us. I know she has been at this a long time (lifetimes?) and it shows! She is reasonably priced for sure and the whole experience of her work is pleasurable and inspiring. I highly recommend!

Tonia S.


Tina’s mediumship class was amazing! As someone very new to mediumship class, I came away with confidence and so many tools to continue growing and practicing.  I recommend Tina’s class, it’s a safe, positive, and loving environment.

Rachel S.


Tina’s class has helped increase my mediumship and clairvoyance.  I trust more in what I see with my third eye, and I comfortable communicating with the spirit.  I highly recommend Tina’s class for anyone wishing to push their mediumship ability to the next level.

Kaitlyn R.


I absolutely recommend Tina’s 6 week course- I never imagined how much I would learn in such a short time.  There’s nothing better than being surrounded by like-minded people, in a safe environment and being heard and understood.  On top of Tina’s wonderful teaching, I learned so much from the experiences of my classmates.  You have nothing to lose by trying this amazing course- you’ll learn things you never knew .

Dana D.


Taking Tina’s course has catapulted my abilities more than even I had anticipated.  Learning in a group setting opened up new ways of connecting to spirit that I was not aware of.  I am grateful that I was introduced to Tina and able to take her mediumship course.  Life changing.

Jacob B.


All I can say is mind blown.  Entering these classes I knew I had abilities, but had little control.  As I learned the lessons, my everyday life because clearer.  I have been able to help others, as well as myself connect to spirit.  Receiving the outlines for how to proceed, but the encouragement to make it my own empowered me to grow.  If you are in any way called to develop mediumship abilities, this is an excellent way to begin.



Taking Tina’s mediumship course has been completely life changing for me.  I’ve learned how to “open up”, how to protect myself and now I have the tools to continue to grow and develop my mediumship abilities.   Thank you Tina,  doesn’t begin to describe  just how much of an incredible experience this has been for me.  I hope she has more advanced courses.  It was so worth the hour drive to come!  I am fully blessed – genuinely so.



A truly wonderful course and Tina is an exceptional teacher and guider.  Her explanations are clear and understandable, and there is a lot of actual practice, and experience.  I am fully interested to experience further studies with her and would highly recommend her  to anyone that is interested in mediumship or any of her other classes.

Vaso D.


Tina Escoto is an incredible person that you will love to meet, and be around with.  While taking her class she helped me build my confidence.  Also she taught me to trust my gut, follow my heart, and use my head, magic happens!



The healing class was so much than I could ever imagined.  Energy was shifting and releasing continuously.  My body vibrated at different times.  I feel energetic and joyful.  Everyone was open, trusting, and positive.  Such a great blessing.  You’re such a divine instrument for spirit to work through for healing.

Alex V.

August 2016

I attended Tina’s “Awakening Your Gifts Within” class.Tina provided great information about spirituality and excellent explanations when we had questions to her, make us understand the feelings that comes with our experience. Tina is an exceptional teacher.  The guests speakers that presented to our class were very informative.  I am looking forward to even more new amazing experiences.

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