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Mediumship / Psychic / Spiritual Guidance Sessions

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, evidential and clairsentient psychic medium. This means that I see, hear and feel people's energy, receive messages from spirit and give evidence of spirits that are showing up whether it is a past loved one, spirit guide or other. To receive messages, I tune-in by hearing your voice. I am in control of keeping the tone of the reading very positive and caring, but I cannot control who comes through or how long a spirit stays.

Sessions can be scheduled for individuals or for groups and/or parties. This service is available in person or at a distance over the phone.


To start, we will briefly discuss what kind of guidance you are looking for and the type of reading that would be most appropriate. Some may request a purely psychic reading, others a mediumship reading and in many cases it will be a blend of both. Each session is tailored to exactly what you need at that given moment.

Topics that clients most often inquire about include but are not limited to:

  • Health

  • Relationships (romantic & other)

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Contact with loved ones who have passed on

  • Discovering their own psychic/mediumship abilities

          and how to expand them​

  • Spiritual guidance regarding:

    • How to heal wounds from past relationships​

    • Working through trauma

    • Manifesting Desires

    • Personal Empowerment

    • Releasing old patterns & behaviors

A note on mediumship readings: Specific spirits cannot always be connected with on demand. Individuals in the spirit world decide to show up if they feel that the timing is right and the messages are from their point of view. You may hear from an uncle but you wanted to hear from your mom. It is not within my control to decide who comes through. We can always attempt to reach the passed on loved one who you would like to communicate with but it is not a guarantee.

As a mediumship session is being conducted, please stay relaxed, listen very closely and keep an open mind. I do not need you to feed me information however, work with me by speaking up as you are recognizing the information I am giving you. Names can sound similar, like Fred/Ted/Ed. Help me out when I’m close. When I give a name, it does not necessarily mean that the name is for the deceased person. Spirit will bring up names of people here in the physical world.

It’s okay if you cannot place all of the information immediately. You may need time to think or the information may be for someone close to you.


Please focus on the messages that did come through. Remember, there are no guarantees with mediumship. If there is something further you hoped to hear, you may wish to get another reading in six months. Allow yourself to process your reading in your own way and time frame. Your reading is sacred to you, so please be selective when you share it.


After a reading, some people feel tired, while others get a natural high. Relax and by the next day you will feel back to normal. Drink lots of water and rest. You can also take a bath in Himalayan Sea Salt and baking soda to revive.

God Bless.

All client information is always kept private and confidential. Credit card transactions are processed through our merchant processing secure server. We do not store any credit card information.

You must be 18 years or older. All services are for entertainment purposes. Services are not intended to substitute for professional medical, legal or mental health care.

30 minutes for $75**

60 minutes for $150**


**Prices listed are for individual private sessions. If you would like to book a group session (2 or more people) or a party, please contact me for payment details and to schedule.
please submit payment AND send me a quick note via text or email so I have your contact information.
Once I receive confirmation of payment & communication from you, I will contact you to schedule your appointment.
If you have any questions before or after booking, please contact me:     

(480) 220-9233  I 

Client Testimonials

Sandra D.

March 2021

If you are reading this, perhaps it is a sign that you have indeed landed in the right place. Tina is a warm, comforting, and gifted medium. She puts you at ease, and her spiritual center is a special place. Thank you Tina!

April H.

February 2021

I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Tina Escoto but will do my best. First, I went to her for a Spiritual Guidance session and the information flows effortlessly through Tina, she has a true gift! I also did several healing session with Tina for my shoulder I had pulled a tendon. It took a few sessions (I really wrecked it) and I continued healing after the sessions. So thankful for this healing! Lastly, I am very interested in mediumship as it helped me heal and continue to heal. I have a strong desire to learn and hone my abilities in effort to help others heal as well. I feel this is Tina at her finest! Tina's teaching style is like no other. The level of comfort, encouragement, knowledge and tools Tina provides surpasses any other teacher I've encountered. Actually, all Tina's services are the finest! I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with her and the community I'm developing through her. Much Love!

Esmerelda M.

August 2016

Tina, I can’t thank you enough. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful gift. You are amazing. Everything I needed to hear from such an unexpected spirit, but very important one to me. Even though, I don’t have many memories of her because she is my great-grandmother I was blessed to have the memories I do have.Again thank you. People need to know how amazing you are!!!God bless you!!

Tina C.

August 2016

My sister and I met Tina at a Psychic Fair recently where she told me about her class that was going to be starting. My dad had recently passed and I have been reading and questioning every aspect of the afterlife. We decided it would be interesting and started going. The class immediately drew me in. I had no idea what a “chakra” was but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t work with them now. Tina pushes us out of our comfort zone to reach for something higher within ourselves. I’ve met some great people who are searching for the same things I am and look forward to every class.

Wendy L. 

July 2016

If you would like to connect with your loved ones, I highly recommend Tina Escoto for intuitive and mediumship abilities.

Christine W.

August 2015

During my reading, Tina connected me to passed loved ones, including my son, who died as an infant. This connection deepened my spiritual beliefs and helped my grieving process, allowing me to feel the love and guidance coming from my son on the other side. Tina is truly a remarkable healing intuitive medium who can change your life with her gifts.

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